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Points to note when buying faucets.


Hardware accessories common sense: choose and buy faucet 12 points to note

Weight: cannot buy too light bibcock, too light basically is manufacturer to reduce cost, the copper of hollowout interior, bibcock looks very big, pick up not heavy, cannot withstand water pressure blowout more easily.

Handle: Composite faucets are easy to use because only one hand is usually empty when using the sink.
Outlet: Put the outlet of height to make fill full washbasin becomes simple.

Spool: this is the heart of the faucet. The hot and cold faucet is made of ceramic spool. The quality of spool is the best in Spain, Taiwan kangqin and Zhuhai.

Angle of rotation: Being able to rotate 180 degrees makes work easier, while being able to rotate 360 degrees only makes sense for a sink that sits in the middle of a house.
Elongated shower head: increase the effective radius so that both sink and container can be filled more quickly.

Hose: experience shows that 50cm long pipes are enough, and 70cm or above pipes can be bought on the market. Should pay attention to not to buy the aluminium wire tube, with stainless steel wire, to get the hands hold a pull, black hand is aluminium wire, no change is stainless steel wire, it is best to use outside 5 international standard wire braided stainless steel hose, hose tube is made of epdm material, coupling nut for red forging and rolling sand appearance plating 4 miu (thickness) of nickel layer.

Shower tube: to not give out ugly sound, should avoid to use metal to make tube as far as possible.

Anti-calcification systems: Calcium deposits can occur in showerheads and automatic cleaning systems, as well as in faucets where silicon accumulates. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system that also prevents the equipment from calcifying internally.

Backflow prevention system: This system prevents dirty water from being sucked into the drain pipe and is made up of layers of material. Equipment equipped with anti-backflow system will show the DVGW pass mark on the surface of the package.

Cleaning: Streamlined designs require less cleaning. When cleaning, do not use the detergent of coarse grain such as decontamination powder, polishing powder or nylon brush is cleaned, with the shampoo of right amount diluent, bath liquid dip cloth is wiped clean, after rinsing with clear water, wipe clean bibcock with dry soft cloth.

Material: stainless steel is health, environmental protection. Chrome-burning devices are easy to care for and harmless to humans, but other elements need to be added to the manufacturing process. So you have to pay attention to what materials the equipment is made of, not all countries have such high standards as Germany.

Durability: anti-calcification system can protect the equipment from the danger of water leakage and handle damage.

Repair: in the cost of repair, all kinds of equipment is widely different, some equipment materials are not very simple to obtain. Repair is actually quite simple, only to have the corresponding accessories, of course, but also have the structure diagram, otherwise I do not know how to assemble back after dismantling.

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